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A snack made by Liv Hatley for her husband, Ben. Whenever she bakes cookies, she leaves a bowl of cookie dough for Ben to eat. Often his grandkids want some too. And that includes Bryant Hollifield. He once said 'Raw food is all the rage. Just think of it as Cookie-Sushi'.
Liv: Anybody want some cookies? There's a bowl of Cookie-Sushi in the refrigerator.

Ben: Man, you've been cooking all day? This calls for a serious Benmobile.

Liv: Don't forget about the soy milk smoothie I left on the table for you. I want to keep my Hatley boy looking good!

Ben: Yeah, Cookie-Sushi is all the rage these days. (digs his hand into the bowl) Mmmmm, this is good. I love chocolate chip cookies!

Nick: Hey, what's that? I've never seen it. Is that some cookie dough?

Ben: (laughing) Not just cookie dough, buddy. That's cookie-sushi! Just try it. You'll love it.

Nick: (unsure) Should I taste it? Would it be too raw?

Barry: Sure! Its not so raw. You know your grandpa Ben says: Raw food is all the rage!

Nick: This is great! But how are we going to work off all this gooey?

Ben: The Benmobile, of course!! Want a ride? (hops on the Benmobile) Here we go! This is going to be good.

Nick: Sweet! You know how I love to come along for the ride when you ride this thing. (he picks up a cowboy hat) RIDE 'EM, HATLEY!

Liv: (laughing) Have fun you two! Later on, I might have to hop on there myself. Cookie-Sushi rocks! (walks over and high fives Ben)
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 21, 2011
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