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Coo Coo Puff was spawned by a grand cosmic mistake uttered by an unknowing 12 year-old on "Children's Jeopardy". From that day on, the term has come to refer to anything from the female reproductive organ to any nonsensical object/idea/relation that one feels inclined to manifest. It's primary use, however, is to beg the metaphysical question: "What is coo coo puff?" (Which was in and of itself, the exact phrase spawned by the 12 year old, spawning the figurative usage, in and of itself spawning the definition and ultimately spawning the sentence you are reading and
I can't wait to get home and taste Shandy's sweet coo coo puff.

My friend was banging bros and doin' dudes, all in exchange for some Grade-A coo coo puff.

Hey, they're giving away free coo coo puff outside the box factory!
by Jaramir Chavez August 02, 2008
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