Coo is another shortened way of saying killer cool. Cartman of south park also uses it.
This site is coo, real coo
by don February 11, 2004
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The sound that some of the biggest "smaller" birds make, better known as pigeons. Usually hanging around parks and within downtown areas of large cities, these pigeons make a characteristic "cooing" sound.
Me: Look over there! Pigeons!
Pigeon: Cooo.....Coo....
by Mike Rotch March 24, 2005
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1: An extremely sexist term against a woman similar to whore but worse.
2: A very wet vagina.
She slapped me in the face after I called her a fucking coos.

All last year you guys where trying to sniff her coos.
by Roger Doger August 17, 2007
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israeli for cunt you can also use coos ema shelcha for your mothers and coos savta shelcha for you grandmothers. Have fun using it.
This girl probably has a nice coos!
I should try it...
by david&mark the israeli April 01, 2007
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Like cool but without the last letter. Used in the place of cool.
Man that movie was totally coo

<Woman> Lets Get Naked
<Man> Ok, coo
by Gruce McKenzie April 15, 2004
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