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Consultanium - Is a substance typically excreted by all sorts of Consultants; is a transitional molecule. When expelled, it is a colorless, odorless gas. When enough of it is collected, it then forms into an amorphous solid, or nugget (of wisdom). However, when any sort of heat or pressure (or even a close look) is applied to the nugget, it evaporates quickly and returns into its vapid state. While colorless and odorless, Consultanium can have adverse affects on the client population if inhaled in mass quantities (or taken seriously). Affects range from General Skepticism, to Gastric Maladies (acute flatulence and belching). Many times it is assumed that the odor of Gastric Maladies is Consultanium, but this is incorrect as Consultanium itself is odorless and colorless.

See also: Vaporware, BS, Marketing, CIA Reports, and Various remarks from Exotic Dancers ("I'm a student", "I only do this part time", "Of course, these are real!").
That IT consultant dishes out all sorts of Consultanium in the meetings, but he never even logged into the system.
by AmitC. March 07, 2007
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