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A very controversial philosophy originated by New Orleans/Israel's own, "The Heretic Assassin" where he belives that Male Sexism can be justified, when he expresses according to the scriptures, the way of life, you can surface your male dominating behavior towards women without any harm inclusive.

He uses James Evans, a character portrayed by John Amos from the All Time Classic sitcoms, "Good Times", where he expresses that the male component of the earth is superior to the female component without compressing nor oppressing his female counterparts, Florida Evans and Thelma Evans. He never laid a finger on his wife and didn't have to because they came to a common and constructive agreement that James Evans, a man is the more dominant forces in the household.

The Heretic Assassin believes that society has perverted the Orthodox View of Sexism and not the Edomite Western Caucasian interpretation of Sexism by limiting it to the negative conditioning of sexism
There are two different connotations of Sexism, little girl!! There is what i like to call Improper Male Sexism or Chauvinism IMS/C and there is what i like to call Proper Male Chauvinism PMC or Constructive Male Sexism CMS
by The Saint from The 4 February 21, 2011
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