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A internet troll who tries to popularize conservative beliefs. Along with his counterpart and nemesis, the libtroll, he is the most poisonous of trolls
Hahaha! Obama's a soshulist! You are dumb! He is Hitler!OH, I guess I'll be called racist!

Shut up, conservatroll
by Cosman246 August 14, 2010
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The most poisonous and infectious troll of the Internet as he/she uses his/her conservative beliefs to make everybody's life miserable. They are known to be the real cyber criminals.
"A Muslm with a vid cam is only looking todo 1 thing. I hope you have libral gun laws like we do in Maine. no soft targets, make them jihadis pay. We get killed by them becauz of this "gun controll" law made by librals. You ain't gonna stop me because Imma Conservatroll! Feed my all you want with ur libral comments!
by JES1993 April 03, 2016
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Person who goes on the Internet espousing extreme social darwinist, libertarian, and reactionary views to see if he or she can get a rise out of liberals, social-democrats, socialists, and communists.
A Conservatroll might say Socialism comes from collectivism which comes from racism. Liberals are therefore Nazis.
by Fred Bloggs23 October 12, 2011
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