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Contrary to popular conservative belief, political correctness is not a solely left-wing phenomenon.
Examples of conservative correctness:

frankfurters became "hot dogs" during world war I

french fries became freedom fries in 2003

David Horowitz's "Academic Bill of Rights"

attempts to "teach the controversy" by creationists in biology courses, and global warming deniers in environmental science courses

Any number of campaigns against plays or films, such as Life of Brian or Jesus Christ Superstar, on the grounds that they are "offensive to Christians;" conservative Catholic groups are particularly fond of this tactic

Encouragement of anti-gay activists to eschew the words "gay" and "homosexual" in favor of such phrases as "unnatural vice" and "anti-Christian"

Global warming deniers whining about being called "deniers." They prefer the term "skeptic."

"Enhanced interrogation techniques"

"Homicide bombing"

Atheist billboards are seen as insensitive to Christians.

Republicans changing the names of committees in the House of Representatives to change "labor" to "workforce" and remove any mention of "civil rights"

Free speech zones

The Dixie Chicks causing controversy by criticizing George Bush

ward churchill getting blasted to high heavens for insulting innocent americans (although this was definitely justified)

The whole fox news "war on christmas" nonsense

Conservatives are just as PC as liberals!
by Submitters of Words June 10, 2011
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1. Not being able to mention that the majority of terrorists are white Christians for fear of offending conservatives.
2. Not being able to say "happy holidays" for fear of offending white Christian conservatives who believe they are entitled to a more specific greeting.
3. Being required to make the most outward, public possible display of holiday cheer during December for fear of white Christian conservatives accusing you of being part of the "war on Christmas" that they made up to sell conservative newspapers.
4. Having to praise "Judeo-Christian civilization" (by which they mean Christian civilization) at all times and to pay it the proper reverence and respect for fear of a shitstorm of angry white men throwing temper tantrums when you're just trying to go about your day.
Unlike political correctness, conservative correctness is a real problem.
by Valerie Morghulis June 12, 2017
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