The pleasurable feeling when a person has linked, joined or connected to another someone after a series of failed attempts.
After a bunch of tries signing in to my Xbox Live, I got pissed off. A guy from tech support was able to solve my problems and I was able to play online again. I was feeling a real Connection Erection right then and there.
by LineSixRocker June 28, 2011
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When two males gingerly touch tips as a friendly gesture. Somewhat like a hand shake.
Bob and Farley had an erection connection after lunch.
by Huava April 17, 2009
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when you notice someone staring at you from across the room whom most likely has a boner from your attractiveness.
"Don't look now, Sally. There's a guy over there who's making an erection connection with you and he's not sexy."

"I think that old man overheard our conversation about giving blow-jobs. Look how he's making an erection connection with our table. Another round of margs, please!"
by Haylst0rm June 17, 2013
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