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What a person who varily understands English, would call siamese twins.
These is good I read of you news for me and Marie. I wait on other monies to come the story to tell about me and Marie and we have 17 children. Of the children, faur are connection like the siameses are connect. I win viagra from the internet and it make the connection children..The operation to seperate the four is very important. For I am also diability my legas were accidently amputated and in delirious way I slap me mother and mine brothers cut all but one of my fingers off. And when the monies to come from African man, is 1.2 million dollars, a friend try to take over my identity , he was Shaitan and cut my last finger off. Later Shaitan was killed by Elcingaro. But Elcingaro, he steel my viagra, he rape one of the 4 connection children while three were asleep and the connection children woke up and one of the children kill Elcingaro. So now it is very serious for me as I lived by the post office in a box with the viagra problems to wait for the monies from Africa or to gets a job, and mine wife Marie live in a van by the rivers with these childrens. The policia take the childrens to jail, so now the guilty child to be in jail all the other connection children in jail too. So I need the monies with to get them seperated so the other 3 connection childrens can not be in the jail. I am at public library and marie type this for me on public compoter. I have moved back from the river to a box at the post office and you to see that you send the monies and gives me a application. You can send.

Bigbean and Marie
C/O General Deliveries
Covington, LA. 70433
by jeffbo September 12, 2009
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