When Something is Incredibly Obvious & someone simply Can NOT Understand how Things or Events go together.
Democrats could NEVER "Connect The Dots" or Understand how The Clintons were involved in Various forms of : FRAUD , Crime(s) & Unethical behavior dating back to Hillary being Removed from her position during Watergate.

The American Voters Finally DID "Connect The Dots" & THAT's Why Hillary is NOT in the Oval Office or The White House GO Figure ! !
by DW10 August 14, 2018
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When you get an automatic or selective fire rifle or sub machine gun and shoot up something usually leaving lots of holes,usually a car or house making it seem like there playing the game "connect the dots"
"Have the coroners playing connect the dots wit ya wheel ILL!" - Reed Dollaz
by Deathtouch June 2, 2009
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(N) basically connect the dots is just someone with an extreme amount of acne on their face. The term is offensive because it is metaphorically comparing a man or woman's face to a piece of paper with a lot of dots on it.
"Hey check out connect the dots over there" "I would never make out with connect the dots" "I dare you to go over there and call her connect the dots to her face"
by Dedona March 13, 2009
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When two girls slam ass to ass with a big ol' dildo.
I just jizzed enough to drown a horse watching those homeless girls connect the dots for a can of beans.
by afterbirthpasta November 15, 2018
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Where a man ejaculates on a womans herpes and connects the dots
"I'm going to totally connect the dots on that girls face"
by fuck me R rated April 18, 2010
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