(v), (n): The act of flirting through conflict.
(v) Though it appeared that Alyssa and Stefen were fighting, they were in fact conflirting.

(n) Alyssa and Stefen's conflirtation was painful to watch.
by Alyssa K. Stefenopolis March 25, 2010
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When one becomes defensive and/or upset when accused of flirting with someone.
Rick didn't want anyone to know he had a crush on Amy, so when we asked him if he'd been flirting with her, he got conflirtational.
by booface July 24, 2008
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1) To court or seduce by coquettishly proselytizing.
Adam: Excuse me miss, have you heard the word of Jesus Christ?

Eve: Umm.. I'm just reading.

Adam: Oh, well I loooove books, what are your reading?

Eve: It's a book for class.

Adam: I see. My favorite book is the bible. Do you want to get coffee some time and just talk about the glory of God? That sounds so awesome right now.

Eve: No thanks.

Adam: Ok well, I'm here all the time, so I'm sure I'll see you again. If you ever change your mind I would totally love to share His word with someone like you. God bless!

Eve: ... was that guy trying to conflirt with me? Or just convert me.
by liquidu April 26, 2012
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