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A complex of identical condominiums built on land once occupied by either a farm or woodlands. The result is a very unsightly, communist-looking complex of residences. The atmosphere while driving through a Condograd is very boring, bland, and consistent. The lawns (if there are any) are all identical and maintained by the central office. All buildings are very unsightly, especially for their settings, and are built with only potential profit in mind. The driveways/parking lots are full of middle class automobiles, increasing that communist feel. The condos themselves are all identical and available in 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 bedroom models. The interior walls are all white with white carpet. Condograds are very easy to get lost in because of their size, their complex and confusing road systems, and the fact that all the buildings look identical.

The name Condograd is derived from the fact they are condominium complexes, and the suffix -grad, which was present in the names of many cities in the Soviet Union. A Condograd's atmosphere is similar to that of a communist town or city.
You know you're in a Condograd when you've seen the same thing for 5 miles and can't figure out where you are.
by aircooled73 May 25, 2010
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