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Concavenator corcovatus was a 20 foot long Carcharodontosaurid Carnosaur that lived in Spain during the Early Cretaceous(specifically 130 million years ago). Concavenator is unique among its relatives because of the distinctive spine on its back which was probably used for display, or supported a hump, or may have even aided in swimming as a sail. Along with this, Concavenator possessed knobs on it’s forelimb, which could be feathers; if the knobs are feathers, then Concavenator would be the first Carcharodontosaurid with evidence of feathers. Possible prey of the Concavenator included the sauropod Aragosaurus, mainly different species of Iguanodont, the stegosaur Craterosaurus, and Hypsilophodontids Hylaeosaurus, Stenopelix, and Valdosaurus. Pelecanimimus, an ornithomimid, may have also been on Concavenator's menu.
Concavenator corcovatus is still cooler than Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.
by DinoCoat July 19, 2018
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