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One of two public high schools in West Hartford CT, the other being Hall. While Hall students will always insist that both their academics and athletics are far superior to Conard's, this is simply false. Conard has outperformed Hall in athletics for nearly a decade in a row. Conard also has higher average SAT scores than Hall. In fact, the last time Hall performed better, we still thought trickle-down economics was a good idea, and the USSR still existed. Conard is ranked as the third best public high school in CT, whereas Hall is ranked as the 10th. Hall seems to negate all of this evidence, insisting that they are better in every facet, however as evidence suggests, this is simply not the case. Notable Conard alumni include Jack Sonni, a former base guitarist for the Dire Straits, Jimmy Shea, a 2002 Winter Olympics gold medalist, Matt Sinatro, a former Major League Basball catcher and first base coach for the Chicago Cubs, and Marcus Camby, a former Denver Nugget and 2006-2007 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.
Person 1: Hall High School is better than Conard High School.
Person 2: How so? Conard has superior academics and athletics?
Person 1: It just is man.
by Hydroxeon January 09, 2017
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