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An evil Facebook application that at first seems like fun, however it sends you weekly E-mails telling you how much better everyone else is then you.
Guy 1:Hey, I got an E-Mail for Compare People...YES #2 most desirable to date.

Guy 2: lets see....I got #13 most absentee....I hate my life....

by Alix McQ November 24, 2008
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A dumbass shit application on facebook with questions like who's hotter, whos more popular, who's uglier, who's more of a nerd. Nobody is saying im bad n stuff but I hate those type of questions. Whoever the developer is needs to die.
*person on compare people*

Dumbass 10 year old girl: Hmmm who would rather win in a fight Mike or Jeff? I'm gonna vote for Jeff because he looks better and is more popular when clearly mike has way more muscles than him and could beat him up.

Me: Fuck compare people *middle finger*
by fuck compare people August 05, 2009
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