A compact disk is the long form of a CD. It's that circular thing with a silvery backside that contains all the music/movies/data/shit/porn that you downloaded from the net is usually stored. It is what you call the principle portable data storage method for the late twentieth century. A CD comes in two sizes, the larger CD has a capacity of 700 MB, or 80 minutes of sound, and the smaller ones have a capacity of 185 MB, or 21 minutes of sound. There are three kinds of CDs. PRe-recorded CDs that comes with software / music / data already burnt in. CD-Rs where you get to burn data, and CD-RW where you get to burn as well aas erase data. As of now, portable data storage is changing over to flash drives and DVDs.
Bruning compact disks can be fun. Either way that you take it.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
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The improper spelling of "compact disc". If you ever say "disk" when reffering to any flat circular object, being it a piece of media or not, then you are wrong, and deserve to die for being a FUCKING IDIOT.
"I have soooo many compact disks, and I love taking it up the shitpipe!"
by The King August 31, 2003
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A method of tricking a person into a deez nuts joke.
You: Hey dude, have you used a CD or compact Disk?

Friend: Do you mean the music kinda CD?

by mr deez nuts January 19, 2022
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