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Comox Valley, Containing: Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Black Creek and Merville. Starting in alphabetical order:

Black Creek. Black Creek contains the hick population, mostly farmland and weed feilds. Save a horse/ ride a black creek slut.

Comox. Population: loosers, if you lived there you would be home by now... alone... in your bed, masturbating. Its a 'waterfront' district but most people are too bored to veiw it.

Courtenay. The largest city in the comox valley known for 'the mile of flowers' wich is really just a few garden beds with needles and excess change scattered here and there. There is one general store on every block to even out the number of lazy stoners that cant walk very far to get their munchies. Little known fact/ they hire handicapt druggie hookers to clean up the rec center area.

Cumberland. The joke of comox valley, inspiring many jokes such as: Why wasnt Jesus born in Cumberland... because they couldnt find a wise man OR a virgin, and, Whats the most confusing day in Cumberland... Fathers Day. Its a small community in wich everyone is related, if you didnt get the jokes. Surprisingly they do not have children with people from surrounding areas, they just have sex with them... I think it might be a law there to have children with your cousins, siblings parents and so forth.

Merville is gumboot country, often mistaken for Black Creek because there only seperated by a trail of cow droppings. Little is known about this rural area, its community events range from a cow auction and a yearly barn dance.

For more information on the Comox valley please contact your closest marajuana dealer, Since the Comox Valley grows some of the best Weed in BC... they will know all about it.
Comox Valley: The Scrotum Of Earth.
by Tabbz March 11, 2006
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Land of oysters, weed, pickup trucks and a 70% hick population.
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
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