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A.K.A. "The Robbie"

He's like Batman and Superman but better. Pretty much the greatest guy to walk the Earth.

In fact, he's the coolest guy ever! If someone refers to you as "cool" just know that Commander Cool is commanding that cool that you have gotten. Also, he's the greatest. Again. He's nice, handsome, and awesome.

He shares "Coolest guy ever" rights with Miles Davis

Don't worry, if you try your hardest, you can be cool too. It's as easy as getting high. Which is as easy as being yourself.
That Commander Cool Guy is the greatest!

Gerow is the farthest thing from Commander Cool as physically possible.
by Kramerica May 09, 2005
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1. To be referred or compared to the ultimate badass who ever lived.

2. Another term for "the man", referring to ones friends.

3. Norville Rogers' (Shaggy) hero and role model/at times alter ego.
1. Dude, you can't wuss out now. You're like Commander Cool now.

2. I'm awesome. I'm the man. I'm amazing. I'm Commander Cool.

3. This looks like a job for Commander Cool...and Mellow Mutt!
by Jayz0rzz February 20, 2009
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1)the coolest person in the world!!!

2)a commander that is cool.

3)the best person in the world!
"Brittney was concidered the greatest commander cool in the world."
by bubie March 30, 2006
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