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Sometimes abbreviated to CBR. A nice place to find good information on comic books and it also possesses a relatively nice forum where a few writers in the business come in to make posts. However, their Comic Book Rumbles Forums, aka the VS. debate section, has some of the biggest jerks, trolls, fanboys and psychopaths around. The posters there are assholes in that if they don't like something, they'll choose not to believe it or they start ridiculing it in insane, stupid or absurd ways. Some of the members believe that they are 100 percent right in their debates no matter what and some of the forum rules are so strict that it borders on insanity that rivals 1984. One of the worst places in the Internet along with gamefaqs forums. The comments in the VS. debates rival the stupidity of youtube comments. This is the main reason why some people gave them the nickname CBRtards. The members also generally have a dislike towards anything Star Wars related and a liking for anything that's related to either Twilight or Harry Potter.
Here's a few good quotes about Comic Book Resources here:

Dude, CBR thinks Deathstroke is retarded, Supergirl is god, Sentry can solo the JLA and JSA...

Seriously...? They argued over that? *facepalm*
by Hellrider285 January 06, 2014
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