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Similar to a comb-over, involving the lengthy hair on the top and back of the head to cover up a receding hairline.
Person 1: Fact, Battlestar Galactica.

Person 2: Dude. You do realize your hair is horrible. Right? I mean... are you shitreous? a Comb-Down?

Person 1: Bears.
by Stonefox0357 May 27, 2009
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1) Noun: A male caucasian teenager, seen mostly during the late 20th century, that tries to imitate the thug lifestyle. Common traits are: listening to Bone Thugs, smoking Newports, wearing white undershirts held up with one arm to expose a thin hairless chest, wearing Tommy Hilfiger, and their trademark: the fade haircut with the top slicked forward and "combed down".

2) Verb: The act of combing the hair in front of you head foward, or "down".
That combdown is wearing his Dad's Izod shirt, cause he's too much of a tritch to gank a Tommy Hil.
by J. Diddy March 20, 2003
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