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Get the duck outta there if you hear keys or heels that’s the mother fucking deputy Gibson , go up the back and have a joint then go to deeps to get 2 rockstars for 5:50 run to A block toilets but then there’s always someone fingering them self in there , every girl is lesbian or bi so watch the fuck out and oh they all wear tns thinking they look cool but really ew and watch out all the boys are fuck boys oh and not to mention everyone cuts ✂️ And don’t forget grab a lemon put it in your eyes until they red and boom you can fake to be high oh oh oh........if your names in the bathroom your a hoe 🔍 so no more fuck Budys and LITTLE FAT LAMB IS THE WIN at colo so be safe and come and enjoy colo fight day every 2 dAy and you always get suspended because they don’t know how to deal with it any other way and if you say you wanna die nothing happens but oh well enjoy 😉
Colyton is used as a high school where you go have a smoke in the alley way then sing sign in and get in shit by the one and only head of attendance and always go late on a Wednesday it’s sport and that’s shittt
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by Bongboners July 12, 2018
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