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As well as setting the NCAA touchdown recored Brennan is tapping Jessica Simpson
Colt Brennan: Bitch get on my huge redskins dick
Jessica Simpson: Okay
by MorkyTy March 10, 2010
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The quarterback from the University of Hawaii. He set the single season passing TD record with 58 and he is awesome. You will run across people who do not think that he is the greatest person ever, but they're just jealous. Colt Brennan is a great human being who is probably packing massive johnson heat on top of everything else. He will also not be seen on TV at all this year, seeing as how his home games will start at roughly midnight eastern time. He will win the Heisman trophy in 2007 by recieving 113% of the vote. Lastly, he deserves your praise on a nightly basis. When you go to bed at night, thank God for Colt Brennan.
"Colt Brennan stepped up to God and said "excuse me, Sir, you're in my seat."
by drake744 March 26, 2007
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The best quarterback in NCAA Football history. He broke many records such as the single-season TD record. He is also going to win the 2007 Heisman Award.
That Colt Brennan is such a phenom. He is probably one of the best quarterbacks to ever live.
by VoteForColt January 18, 2007
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