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The act of being totally aroused by the album "Colors."
"I just had the most explosive colorgasm everrrrrrr. Tommy Rogers does it to me everyyy timeeeeee."

"Oh my god... I just had an intense colorgasm after listening to it. I jizzed in my pants... Twice..."
by Manna Van Karren February 12, 2009
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1. a rainbow.
2. an amazing combination of colors that makes you orgasm
dude, look at that colorgasm in the sky.
did you see what Frank was wearing? it was giving me some major colorgasms.
that painting is colorgasmic.
by bobthehitmandole October 15, 2009
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1.a multicolored kaleidoscopic experience so intense that it simulates the feel of an orgasm, only for the eyes

2. many, many bright, eye-catching colors and patterns in a space
Did you see that raver's outfit? It was like a colorgasm!

Every building of Columbia College Chicago is like a freaking colorgasm!
by LePetitJoushua November 18, 2008
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