Colorado State is located in the city of Fort Collins, CO. CSU enrolls around 25,000 students and "FoCo" is home to around 140,000 residents. CSU is a land grant institution and it's sports teams are called the Rams.
Colorado State University is made up of dominantly Coloradans (80%+). This high contingency of Colorado leads to what students describe as "the authentic Colorado college experience." You will also find more down-to-earth people per capita at CSU than any other university in Colorado. Many students are actually paying for their own schooling here, providing a sense of accomplishment and becoming a self-made man/woman.
Colorado is one of the best states to go to college, and that's a fuckin' fact, which makes State the shit due to the following reasons:
1) Awesome college town.
2) Old Town/Bar Scene.
3) Immediate access to Denver.
4) Access to the best ski/board resorts in the world and Red Rocks.
5) Gorgeous natural setting in the Foothills.
6) Horsetooth Reservoir is 5 min. away.
7) You can ski and get hammered on Horsetooth in the same day.
8) Athletic events are free, who cares if we most likely suck, we're shitfaced and having an awesome time. Also, we've shit-kicked CU in every varsity sport this year, which we celebrate like it's the super-bowl to spite CU and their recruiting advantage.
9) The girls are smokin' hot.
10) More than 600 restaurants and bars in Fort Collins.
Bonus) More than 23 medical marijuana dispensaries in Fort Chronic.
Boulder: "Bro-mo, we are so fuckin' Colorado, god damn I can't wait to let my homies/bras know how sick ass the parties and lifestyle is here" Translation: "Fellow homosexual, we moved from Cali/New Jersey/TX/Conn./NY/any other douche bag factory. I can't wait to return home and talk about how all us dudes are turned from parties where we don't know the house owners and end up smoking weed and getting hammered with the same 5 douchebags in our dorm every weekend." Reality outside of the "Boulder Bubble": "My dad went to Boulder in the '70s, all the pictures made it look fuckin' awesome. I tried it for a semester, the truth is it's the #10 Douchiest school and likes to call itself a "Public Ivy" though no other reputable report has ever given it that title. If you can get into a "Public Ivy" with a 24 on your ACT (which at Colorado University 25% of students enrolled actually scored less than that) then I'm pretty sure you can get into a public ivy by reciting the alphabet and getting your last name tattooed on your body somewhere (just in case you forget?). Luckily, students at Colorado State are keeping it real and giving Colorado a good reputation for the awesome college paradise it is." Summary: No Colorado school besides the liberal arts school of Colorado College is hard to get into and graduate from. At both CU and Colorado State University you will find plenty of morons and plenty of smart students. Note: This is in partial response to the CU tool's original def.
by MichiganG. December 29, 2010
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An institution that isn't even worth describing here as anyone here wouldn't be able to read, let alone understand. Safe to say, if you can't go to college, go to State.
Does everyone at Colorado State University spend their money on country music tickets to see rich white guys don cowboy hats just to talk about beer, a truck, a gun, and treating women like it's 1853? They can't even win the showdown with the Buffs. What makes them think... ohhh they can't read...
by HotKaso October 7, 2016
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