The act of stuffing a marshmallow up a girls asshole, and then proceeding to fuck the marshmallow deeply inside her, like one was loading an old civil war musket. Then upon finishing inside said asshole, the female is asked to evacuate the contents upon two eagerly waiting graham crackers. It is considered rude if the cracker is not consumed afterwards.
"Last night my girlfriend made me give her a Colorado Campfire. It was delicious."
by Dolphin_Trombone October 18, 2016
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The name of a restaurant. Also, a campfire that you build in Colorado.

(But that's not the definition you were *really* thinking of, is it? 🤣)
Last night we all went out to eat at the Colorado Campfire. The food there is great!

It gets cold in Colorado, so when camping you better build a campfire.
by random numbers and letters December 20, 2022
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