1. Colorful Acting in a Legal Setting; Law officers or Bar* attorneys to use their favorite Statutes, Rules, or Procedures, usually for personal gain or to hide wrongdoing; Under the Color of Law, there is no 'black and white'; the colors of laws can be mixed in many ways to convince an average American that they were breaking the law in some way.

2. A Legal Fiction; Once intimidated or threatened under Color of Law, most american's will believe what they are told.

Once acknowledged as truth, it is then a fiction that you enable to be used as legal truth against you. That is, Until you WAKE UP, Open YOUR Eyes, and Know the difference between Right, Lawful, Wrong, Unlawful, Laws, Rules and Statutes. This color of law, can and will deprive People of basic human rights if it is allowed to do so.

3. Sorcery Law Theory; Force-field that protects certain law enforcement and Judicial officers; An invisible rainbow above certain officers, that guides them in sorcery to make it appear you are a criminal, when you were in fact, minding your own business. The colorful rainbow of deceit, wraps them, giving them the power to raise themselves above the Color of Law, so that Laws of Nature do not apply to them.
*BAR - British Law Club that specializes in training people to twist words under Color of Law, and make any legal fiction sound like Truth
3. Sorcery Law; The District attorney stated that "Any jury would agree that this court clerk behaved within the color of law. Anyone in the same situation would have shot the unarmed man in the back. It was a clear example of self defense." So no charges were pressed against the shooter.
by Ruth S Standing August 23, 2020
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