The aftermath of a strong brewed Colombian coffee which results in a stomach-clearing shit-storm. This poo is not like any regular, solid poo; rather, it is a slimey, smooth, and smelly production. Post Colombian Landslide, one may feel 10-20 lbs lighter, happier, and healthier.
"Don't use the bathroom for a while, I had some Chipotle last night and just had a Colombian Landslide in there"

"My stomach hurts, I think I should have a coffee and induce a Colombia Landslide"
by EWMB March 5, 2018
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A post-coffee shitusually with a sense of urgency
Dude that cup of coffee I just had tasted like it was brewed with toilet water…I think I feel a Colombian landslide coming.
by Clever Satan February 13, 2023
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