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A "Colombian Fag" is a common colloquialism for a nicotine cigarette rolled in street-grade cocaine. The name is a derivative of the common British term for cigarette, a "Fag," and Colombia, the world's largest producer of cocaine.

The most common method for creating a "Colombian Fag" is to lick, or mildly wet, a nicotine cigarette and roll in finely graded cocaine. In effort to "secure" the amphetamine to the exterior of the cigarette, many users singe the cocaine into the thin paper lining of the cigarette.

This particular method of ingestion is said to have been developed in London. In recent years, due to the strength of the European Euro in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, English citizens have migrated to these two Eastern European nations to utilize this fiscal difference. Because of this, the "Colombian Fag," is now most commonly found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as opposed to its native England.
A Colombian Fag is a mixture of cocaine and nicotine.
by notmeyou February 27, 2010
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