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An extremely special act of love which can only be performed several times per year.

Combining the dark arts of arson and coitus this act requires trust, love, and an irresistible urge to light things on fire. The two (or more) participants, with fully grown out pubic hair and using small handheld lighters, ignite the bushy pubes of their partner. As soon as the pubes are aflame the two (or more) participants proceed to frantically engage in dry humping in order to passionately smother the flames.

Use of perfume as an accelerant is not recommend.

Do not attempt to repeat a Colombian Brush Fire before pubic hair has grown to an all over length of at least one inch.
Hey Jenny clean your room it smells like two Koreans had a Colombian Brush Fire in here!
by Anniefrank March 19, 2015
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