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Extremely annoying sports radio talk show host who thinks he is right about everything. Tactics include:1)Bashing an entire city or school the day after they lose a championship game.(As if their fans had something to do with it) 2)Rambling on and on about how the ratings in football are so much higher than baseball.(As if that is going to make me instantly stop liking baseball) 3)Cutting off and/or hanging up on anyone who has a different opinion than him. 4)Being so generally annoying that you would rather turn off the radio in fear that you might cut your ears off if you continue to listen. 5)Claiming that he is the only talk show host who makes any sense when he is in fact the only one at his own network who doesn't make any sense. 6)Being such an overall fuckup that you wonder how a stellar network such as ESPN could hire an assclown like him.
Person A: You wanna listen to the Colin Cowherd show???
Person B: Let's cut eachother instead.
Person A: Sound's great!!!
by C. Griffin October 23, 2007
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The guy who thinks he's hot shit on ESPN radio but really is just a piece of shit. He ordered the code red on TBL and thats pretty gay, except that TBL sucks cock. So fuck both of them.
Colin Cowherd is worthless, just like 90% of everything on ESPN radio.
by povo April 05, 2007
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the best man in sports-talk radio bar none. His show "The Herd" is the only show on radio that talks exclusively about football and tries to keep discussion about worthless baseball to a minimum. Colin understands that America is nation of football. Colin is funny, sarcastic, and pretty much right about everything.
All these other shows are talking about baseball in freaking football season lets listen to "The Herd" to hear about football. Colin Cowherd doesnt waste his time with baseball.
by Matt0912 November 20, 2008
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