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The Colgate Ab-Crunch is the act of perching one's self atop the toilet bowl, and typically with fingers tucked under thighs, leaning one's upper body forwards in an effort to completely evacuate the bowels by means of protrusion. The strategy takes its name from the striking similarity between the human body during this manoeuvre, and the most common technique for getting the last out of your toothpaste tube.

The Colgate Ab-Crunch is commonly used after extreme digestive trauma, such as tequila slammer n hotdog hangovers and all you can eat bets in steakhouses.

"He was a good man, a kind man, and had he known that the Colgate Ab-Crunch would cause that brain haemorrhage and lead to the untimely end of his life, he probably would've eaten more fibre."
by Sweeney Toddler January 27, 2010
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