A white girl who's hair looks greasy and has a lot of product in it. She wears baby phat and ecko red. Majority will wear exco and trashy clothing. Usually seen between the ages of 16 and 24 with a half black baby in a stroller. In the winter they tent to wear black jackets with fur around the hood. Similar to "Stoves" a cold slaw is the trashiest of the stoves. Often seen taking the bus and smoking cigarettes. Often never completed high school and speaks very urban. They will usually have sex only with African American men that are 3 to 6 years older then them. Although they smell good it's not because they have money but because they stole the test perfume from a department store. Accessories for a cold slaw include hoop earings, a nice stolen cell phone, tooth jewl and a tattoo in cursive writing on their neck or brest saying their childs name. They often work at fast food joints in the crappy part of town and use vulgar language. They usually are so desprate for sex because that's what they feel they should be doing that they don't bother using protection. this leads to STI's and pregnancy. Known for polutting the school system with bad influence, smelly ghetto children that grow up to be drug dealers.
Jon: Hey look at that piece of shit white girl with all that product in her hair getting on that bus
Dave: Yeah I bet she's got STD's
Jon: She's such a Cold Slaw
by Harley Davis October 14, 2007
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When a woman gives you a blow job after drinking a cold beverage.
Damn she served me the best cold slaw last night!
by The Cold Slawer June 29, 2018
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