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When you sit on the toilet and realize the seat is still up.
Dude the other night i was busting for a dump but when i sat down i realized i cold bowled myself.
by uncle nigel December 19, 2012
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a glass pipe used to smoke meth, or ice, aka the "cold"; a glass tube with a bulge at the closed off end, and a hole in the top of the bulge for air flow. ice (cold) is heated inside the bulge until it is melted, and rolled back and forth producing vapors of the drug and inhaled. also as in "to do a coldbowl"
"Man, if you scorch my coldbowl, I'll pop a knot on that noggin."

if that shard-whore hits my coldbowl, she knows what she gotta do....
by coldbowl May 17, 2007
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