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One day on his parents birthday they fucked and 9 months later Colby was born. Yes that means Colby is birthday sex. Later in his life he tried to jump up on some bleachers and fucked his nose up. At a basketball tournament when he was young he got head from his sister in their bed at the hotel. Yes little Colby is insest as fuck. Later that night his parents came back drunk and fucked while Colby had friends sleeping over. Poor Doug heard every last moan, croak of the bed, and bahhhhhh. Now Colby is a retarded p.o.s. that yells I'm moving to lusk for some weird reason everytime someone says something to him. He had a girlfriend for a long time one day Colby was licking the kitty, tounge punching the gash, eating pussy when the poor girl farted all in Colby's face and in his mouth. Now he is a broken human that has horrible fucken taste in women and never showers.
Colby Ryan Lamb is a fucken mistake.
by Robin Sanders June 01, 2018
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