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A Coin Toss Fan, also known as a Fairweather fan; is a sports fan that doesn't remain loyal to any set Sport, Athlete, or Team. They base their respect on who is the best at that time. These fans are considered to be the lowest form of sports fan, since they don't remain loyal to any set Athlete or Team. This causes their ticket, brand, and product purchases to be erratic. These fans can been seen in any sports forum, where they praise an Athlete today, then bash them tomorrow. These fans are most notably found in the sports of MMA and Boxing; where titles change often. Where the pressure of a win or loss is placed on the shoulders of one Athlete, instead of a team. With the expansion of MMA, these Coin Toss Fans have caused considerable trouble in MMA forums that have a mix of loyal fans and Newbies. New comers to the sport of MMA don't have an understanding of a fighters past accomplishment, so they pick and choose a fighter based solely on hype. And since every promoter claims their own fighter to be the best in the world, Coin Toss Fans change their minds often.
(Coin Toss Fan) I love Chuck Liddell! No now I love Randy Couture! Who's the champ now? Yeah, now I love Him/Her more!! I'm such a loser of a fan!
by the2ndflood March 03, 2008
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