When a sexual partner has to relieve themselves, so the other partner inserts a coffee capsule into their rectum and they slowly drip warm pee.
Bro, I gave Sarah the coffee machine last night and she slow dripped a steamy brew
by Rosie Hyman November 15, 2020
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To perform the coffee machine one must ejactulate into the vagina and The anus, trying not waste any sex mayo in the transition. When that is complete the woman must squat where she pleases and let both sources of baby gravy ooze out of both holes just like the milk and coffee from
a coffee machine hence the name.

The human coffee machine
Mate #1 - Ay lad I coffee machined Laura last night, it was mega

Mate #2- yes lad little ice frap n that
by Jonboy2246 August 26, 2021
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