A word used in roblox tiktoks.

Coems🤑 is a misspelling of the word cums
Coems🤑 in naga
by Caniluban March 17, 2023
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Coems🤑 is an another word for cums. Coems🤑 is used in in brookhaven RP Roblox Tiktoks.
Example of using Coems🤑 in a sentence.

"So rich pro *coems🤑🤑🤑*"
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Coems🤑 is an another word for cums. Cums/Coems🤑 is mostly used in a funny roblox tiktok.
Example of Cums🤑 in a sentence

"omg so rich coems🤑".
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Coems is a cringe Gen-Z slang used in the VideoGame: Roblox
Kids use this slang to try and say "Cums"
This slang is the most hated on the internet for obvious reasons
Some Fatherless Kid: Coems🤑
You: There we go, the most annoying kid in the world spamming coems, unfunny
Some Fatherless Kid: *Leaves*
by Dictionared June 18, 2023
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Stands for "coins🤑" but in a worser grammar JK

it stands for
C=what a
so basically a person would say this if you give them money bc ur really are a nice person if you did that!

by Hime tsukumo February 16, 2023
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coems🤑 is a term for quadrillionares in the Roblox game Brookhaven RP

It stands for;
C - I
O - Am
E - Super
M - Incredibly

S - Rich
🤑 - 🤑
by Hoojamadin February 1, 2023
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