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A rare creature, only spotted on the 23rd of each month when the moon is full in the sky. Will usually be gripping a bottle of the old MD 20/20 but do not be alarmed, this is merely for personal benefit, it is not intended as a weapon or threat. Top places to spot the legendary Codjer: skulking around Glasgow's back alleys at 4am, half eaten Subway in hand. Particular fondness of Bothwell Lane, as this particular sleazy back alley holds great sentimental value to the creature.
"Oh, did you see Codjer there?!"

"What? I thought he was mythical?"

"Nah, he shagged my sister, he's real."
by foxxyfox March 12, 2009
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The aforementioned beast is also legendarily dim when it comes to the operation of technology, particularly mobile phones; it has managed to break, lose or consume at least 17000 phones and when it has been in possession of one it will remarkably regularly fail to answer said phone, reply to text messages or even have said phone turned on.

It's also interesting to note that from time to time it will be noted to have what can only be described as a 'hideous paunch'
"Here did you text Codjer about it?"

"Aye man but he's probably swallowed his phone again"
by sexxaych1ck April 11, 2009
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