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One of those "ouch" moments where you know you need something strong for pain.

Some things that may cause a code orange:
- Banging your arm
- Gardening
- Running + stooping
- Lifting a big TV
- Falling while ice skating
"That woman fell while she was ice skating. She's okay, but I bet that knee is sore, and that could be a code orange."

"He's going to need some medicine with muscle for that code orange!"
by C*Man December 09, 2007
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A special color code denoting the real-time and/or inevitable lose of a males virginity. This term is reserved for use in only the most severe cases of Long-Term Male Sexual Abstinence (LTMSA). These individuals are usually in their mid to late twenties and/or older (i.e., the majority of male westerners lose their virginity long before their mid twenties, usually in high school or college thanks to hormones, peer pressure, underage drinking, drugs, etc…). This code is usually sent via cell phone text messaging, usually by first hand witnesses, to friends and associates of the male virgin in question in order to inform that after years of LTMSA the virgin has finally entered into adulthood and “popped their cherry.”
Code Orange!! Code Orange!! Chris is finally going to have sex for the first time at the age of 30.

There was a Code Orange situation last night. Paul lost his virginity to some hooker and give her the Fidel Castro.

by Super Steve Bishop January 05, 2008
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A code meant to alert a significant other of a potentially embarrassing run in with a past sexual partner. This is to be able to tell them in front of children or other family or co workers etc. without having to explain in an awkward Situation.
(At your child’s 4th grade open house in a new school)
Him “oh god, code orange by the pencil sharpener

Her “ in the dress? Or the boob shirt?”
Him “ boob shirt “
Her “oh, buddy, good job”
by Cor Riversprite November 01, 2019
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