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A person who gloats about how good they are at Call of Duty. A cod snob will usually brag about getting a UAV and tell everyone on his team to thank him. a cod snob will also complain about his score even though its well over a 2.0 k/d when meanwhile your going negative. Snobs will usually have a higher k/d than you, which they obtain from camping, and using turrets. They also use lightmachine guns to camp in corners on Shipment. They have no real skill, but are so cocky and arrogant they dont realize it. They think they are better than you, and that their presence on your team was the greatest gift you could ever ask for.
Jack: Wooow, 14-5, im doing so horrible this game!

Jack: Heres another UAV, just trying to help out the less fortunate here.

Jack: I remember when i went 7-9, just kidding thats never happened to me in my life because i dont suck at life.

Jack: Blue Tiger with the RPD, but no big deal or anything

^Cod Snob
by onepoint0 March 28, 2011
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