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When a man's (nutsack,jewels,balls) are so huge and hairy,and his dick is so small in lengh and width.That his dick seems to hide in between them.
Guy:I wanna lick you from the inside out.
Girl:Oh yeah, I want your dick in me too, thrusting in and out making me cum all over your face!
Guy: Wanna fuck?
Girl:Yeah baby..
Guy:Okay then.
"Guy unzips pants"
Girl:oh yeahh I bet your shaft will break me in two!!!
"Guy pulls his huge balls and tiny shaft out"
Girl:Where's your dick? Is it hiding in between those coconut balls?
Guy: Yeah, and I bet you want every bit of it!
Girl uhmm hell no, I think you need some viagra, and a ball reduction.
by ursexfiend August 18, 2011
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When a person (man or woman) is so courageous, they can only be described as having balls the size of coconuts.
"Holy shit, he punched that mugger right in the face!"

"Yeah, he's got some coconut balls."
by invisible_23 September 26, 2017
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