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1. Verb- to be absolutely drunk

2. Similiar to drunk, shitfaced or pissed. Not as drunk as Pussywipped but drunker than tipsy and squiffy.
1. Alex was completely cockshackled after the three pints and five yager bombs

2. I'm telling you, Sandra, I was absolutely cockshackled last night; off my face on the alcohol.
by JonathanCowenXX August 07, 2018
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Similar to pussy whipped

Being used and abused by a female (usually a wife or girlfriend) and answering to every single thing they need, want and do, usually getting in the way of friendships.
Clive was supposed to come out tonight, but he can't because he's cock shackled.
by DerikThePoonDragon May 24, 2017
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