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A guy or girl (straight or gay) who studies dicks. Or

(B) a person whos gotten laid so often, he knows his stuff.
The upshot and the use is ..... they can tell you by sight if you have a possible std. This guy can tell you if its just rug burn or vd. If its an allergy or something more.
The Cockologist, a musican on campus gives a look and says " dont worry its just rug burn"
by Theamazinggeek May 03, 2018
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One who studies and/or sucks on a cock,(but to get a better uderstanding of a cockologist read my defenition that follows)a skilled dick sucking bitch thats often found in the corners of main streets.
Cockologist is the fastest growing job in america.
The cockologist knows all about cock.
by notoytolerance December 31, 2005
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Person who studies cocks.
a fag and or homo
used to diss gay people.

Cockology-the study of cocks.
Man, stop being such a cockologist.
"Hey, what's that book about?" "cockology.."

by Founded by E.C. December 11, 2008
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