A disease that takes a hold of your cock and makes it feel nauseated.

There are three stages of cocknausea, in the first stage nothing much happens, symptoms do not usually show in the first stage so it is called “The silent” stage. Although there are reports that cocks start turning blue like a famous internet celebrity known as “Megamind,” but this is unconfirmed knowledge. The second stage is called “The chit-chat” stage, and it entails your cock’s foreskin to start talking to you and blabbering on and on about characters like “Dream” and “Jellybean”. The third stage. I lied, it doesn’t exist, you should’ve already died from your cringe conversation between you and your cock.
“I just got Cocknausea from that dude over there”
“I thought that Cocknausea couldn’t spread through people?”
“Nah, its possible but Cocknausea can also be given through eating raw eggs
by MiMiCursed November 23, 2022