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not just your normal cockface, one who goes above and beyond the call of "duty" to bring new heights and new meaning to the insult of cockface. Examples include pissing AND vomiting on a friends couch when extremely intoxicated, fucking a friend's sister AND girlfriend within the same relative time period, and flunking out of two separate college's after having been awarded and athletic scholarship twice.
Dude 1: So you were pretty wasted last night?
Cockface McSmellass: Yup, pissed and vomited all over myself and Mike's couch.
Dude 1: Truly a Cockface McSmellass.

Yo dude you mind if I bang your sister??
Sorry man Cockface McSmellass over there already beat you to it.

Cockface McSmellass is at it again folks.

by Skidmark McGee March 14, 2007
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