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defined as one who uses their penis as frequent as possible for sexual intercourse.

also can be used to describe a woman who sleeps around, or is an overall whore
1- "Is he chatting up that broad across the bar again"
"Ya, that dude is such a cockdragon"

2- "Dude, If that cockdragon comes over here, I'm fuckin bailing outta here"
"Yea definite whore"
by boozehound51 August 19, 2009
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A large, mythical beast that dwells in the deep caverns of Hell. It is only describable in context to the environment it lives in because, frankly, it is rarely seen.

In fact, only three have seen it - two, the entire dragon and one, only the tip.
The only fact about its behavior that is known to mankind is that it frequently dines on orphans.
Only Reid and Cody can draw the Cockdragon because only they have seen the Cockdragon.
by slbs May 05, 2010
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someone that is just a big a-hole or doush

an insult
1:yo man im so high
2:drugs suck and fund terrorists you pothead
1:up yours cock dragon
by im like a man January 25, 2010
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