The 1983 classic film, Scarface, is based around a refugee escaping the reign of Communism and Fidel Castro in Cuba and becoming one of the most powerful cocaine lords in Miami, Florida. Throughout the film, he is depicted at a desk in his mansion surrounded by mountains of cocaine in which he occasionally slams his head into and snorts. Several memes were born about this occurrence, where the cocaine pile is made into a snowman. A cocaine snowman is basically a snowman made of cocaine. Also known as a cocaine-man.
"Nigga, it's snowing like Hell outside. Wanna go build a snowman?"
"Fuck that, my nigga. Why use snow when you have cocaine?"
"Nigga, are you talking about a Cocaine Snowman."
"Hell yeah, my nigga."
by Straight Out the Rice Fields December 1, 2016
A cocaine snowman is a man who's skin and personality are whiter than both snow and cocaine. Usually a republican who plays tennis and/or golf.
Person 1: "Hey guys, want to come with me to see that tennis match?"

Person 2: "Ugh, man you are such a Cocaine Snowman."
by Greasy-Mustache December 17, 2013