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He is a legendary man living in the Bronx, New York. He tends to walk in the streets with his pants sagging and a cane. He is dominate in every UFC undisputed game in the present and will be in the future. He over powers his opponents he exceeds the difficulty limit of "expert or veteran" having his own named "CobraAziz" which is the hardest yet fastest difficulty ever. It's fast because he can dominate you in less than a minute WHILE watching pornography. WARNING DON'T PLAY HIM PLAY THE CPU. He tends to pick Matt Hughes in the welterweight, leaving his famous slams from the back clinch, doing his rear naked chokes, and sometimes he does the elbows from the salaverry position(crucifex side control). He also have haters on a site named LS-RP which he rules and tends to dominate.
Three guys messes with CobraAziz and one of the guys say "Nigga' thats CobraAziz let's dipset!!" They ran away but didn't get too far yet CobraAziz catches them and does a flying side kick on ALL of them making them fall to the ground unconscious.
by A little sweet girl. July 19, 2010
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