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A coaster enthusiast is a type of person who knows everything about theme parks. They mostly travel to different parks around the globe and ride new coasters they like to call, coaster credits. The amount of coasters they have been on is ones credit count. You would usually find coaster enthusiasts in the USA or Europe.
by Theme Park Amazing June 13, 2018
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A human that takes more interest in rollercoasters than any other object on earth including religion, school and family. They consider themselves able to alter the fate of any theme park if they complain enough. Normally having bad social skills but a good memory, the coaster enthusiasts maintain a steady diet of cinnamon bread. In the winter they go into hibernation due to most themeparks being closed. They complain about the general public and will not shut up about whenever someone gets one stat of a rollercoaster wrong.
General public: hey have you ridden fury 325 yet, it's 310 feet tall
Coaster Enthusiast: Jeez, its 325, I mean the name even tells you the height
General pubic: calm down
by HMRCRP02 February 06, 2017
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