1) According to most Americans, it does not exist. Sort of like Area 51.
2) Founded in 1876, it actually resides in New London, Connecticut (which means most Americans might as well be right). The Academy is a four-year military-college-ish environment that ostensibly educates and trains young Coast Guard officers.
2) Academy graduates are lovingly referred to by OCS graduates as "Academy Pukes."
USCGA Cadet: I go to the Coast Guard Academy
American Citizen: What's the Coast Guard Academy? Are you in the Navy/Air Force?
USCGA Cadet: The mission of the United States Coast Guard Academy is to graduate young men and women with sound bodies, stout hearts, and alert minds...
OCSGRAD1: Hey, man did you get your billet on the Diligence?
OCSGRAD2: NO! Some Academy Puke got it first.
by YBB April 4, 2006
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A four year military academy in Connecticut. Exists but only to some. Consitently ranked as the worst dorms and most unhappy students in the the nation. Class of 2010 doesn't care and is hoorah about life here.
Class of 2007: I hate being at the Coast Guard Academy.
Class of 2010: I love this place, shining shoes and brass on Friday Nights Rocks!
by Chase Hall September 24, 2006
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